Ribbon Parcel Card

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To make this card you will need:

1mtr of 39mm ribbon – our festive packs are perfect for these cards

14cm Square Card and envelope

Double sided tape

If you use smaller size cards then you can use narrower ribbon.

Step 1. Open out your card and place on a flat surface.

Step 2. Cut 2 pieces of ribbon about 18cms long and stick double sided tape along both edges on the reverse of the ribbon.

Step 3. Peel off the back of the double sided tape on one piece of ribbon. Place over the card so the ribbon is running down the card. Ensure the ribbon is running parallel with the edges of the card and secure in place.

Step 4. Repeat step 3 above, this time place the ribbon running across the card.

Step 5. Tie a bow with the remainder of the ribbon, ensure the knot is tight (we do not want it coming undone!). Place a piece of double sided tape onto the reverse of the bow and stick onto the centre of the card.

Article ImageStep 6. Trim the ends of the bows in to V’s. If the tails are sticking up too much secure to the card with a small piece of double sided tape.

Your card is complete, enjoy.

Tip: Use smaller pieces of card and ribbons to make Card toppers.