Gingerbread Men

This is a little quick project using ric rac, go-grosgrain ribbon, a few buttons and a handfull of toy stuffing.

Print out the template below and cut out.  You can increase or reduce the size to suit you.

Place template onto the the felt and draw round with a pen.  Pin two layers of the felt together and cut out the gingerbread shape. mark a little cut where the white ric rac is to be sewn on.

Unpin the two layers and lay the ric rac across the cuts and sew in place with a few stitches.  Repeat for both legs and arms. make a cut across the gingerbread mans neck large enough for you to be able to get your fingers in to stuff him.

Put the two layers back together again and pin in place.

Using a matching thread a few shades lighter than your felt sew small neat stitches all the way round the gingerbread man, finish with a few securing stitches.

Take a small amount of toy stuffing and start to stuff the gingerbread man through the slit in his neck.  Do not over stuff, once full sew the slit in his neck with a few stitches.

Make a ribbon Bow Tie (Instructions can be found HERE).  Secure in place with either a few stitches or a bit of glue.  make sure the bow sits onto the neck stitching to hide the cut.

Add a few buttons and your gingerbread man is complete.

Not sure you will be able to make only one!

Ric Rac can be found HERE and the Go Grosgrain Ribbon this Christmas is HERE.

This project was part of our 2010 Advent ideas truck, to see all the other ideas, click on the truck