Mille Feuille Bloom

As you guys know I am not a card maker, so I like to make different things, as Bev told me they are "Deffo different", she did add that they were wicked and fun - just perfect for the beach.

As I have no idea what the real name for this creation  is I have decided to call it Mille Feuille Bloom - (thousand layer Bloom) 

Mille Feuille Bloom

1.  Gather the bits you will need - scissors, clothes pegs or bull dog clips and 23mm sheer ribbon in different colours, I used 3 cream, pink and purple.  These ribbons are going onto the site later today.

2.  Cut the ribbon into 17cm lengths you need 30 of these.  Plus cut two extra pieces at about 30cm. All of these are for one shoe.

3.  Layer the ribbons ontop of each other, mix the colours as you go.  Hold in place with a peg.


4.  Repeat on the other end - you should only have the two longer lengths of ribbons left.

5.  Lay the stack of ribbon over the flip flop and tie in place with 1 of the longer lengths.  Tie a second knot to secure.

6. Repeat step 5 with the last piece of ribbon , you want the knots to form a cross.


7.  Pin back the two centre ties, so that you are left free to work on one of the ribbon stacks.

8.  Pin the stack you are working on to the side of the flip flop, leaving the bottom two ribbons free.

9.  With these two ribbons tie a knot, just a single knot but pull it quite tightly.

10.  Continue to tie two ribbons at a time from the bottom until you only have 3 ribbons remaining from the first ribbon stack.

11. Swap to the second ribbon stack and repeat the process until you have only 3 ribbons left.

11.  You should have 3 ribbons from each side that have not been knotted.  Take the bottom ribbon from each side and knot together.  Repeat with the other two pairs.

12.  Gather all the ribbons up in one hand, you will notice that they are different lengths.  While still holding them together, give them a hair cut! so they look all the same.

13. Finished Mille Feuiille Bloom.

25mm sheer ribbons can be found HERE