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Scrapbooking with Crafty Ribbons


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This is our new nephew Sam, he was only a few hours old when this photo was taken.  As ever, I was away from home when he was born and did not see him until he was a week old.  My first thoughts were "cute as a button".

This layout is based on a patchwork design I saw at a quilt fair, but I have worked it in ribbons not fabric.  Work out the size of your finished square, mine was 20cms.  Cut a strip of card that is 14cm by 28cm.  Cover this with double sided tape, peel off the backing and attach ribbons along the long length (28cms).  Buff each ribbon up to the next and press down firmly.  Continue until the card is covered.  Cut the card into two squares of 14cm by 14cm.  Cut each square in half diagonally, you should be left with 4 triangles.

Turn the triangles around to make a square that is 20cm by 20cm.  Stick the patchwork sqaure to your base layout paper.  Mount your photo onto paper, postion and stick in place.

Cut four pieces of 15mm gingham ribbon to fit across the page at a slight angle.  Stick double sided tape where you want the ribbons to go.  Postion the ribbon on top of the tape and secure,  repeat for the other 3 ribbons.  I had Sam's name and date of birth printed onto ribbon using our Personalised Ribbon Service .  I stuck this ontop of the gingham ribbon at the top of the page,at the bottom I used our NEW "Cute as a Button" word ribbon.

The corners were finished with buttons, the large one being threaded with 15mm gingham ribbon and knotted in place.

Your scrapbook layout is ready to be enjoyed! 

This project used the following ribbons

15mm Gingham     Check      10mm Dots      Hello Baby      Daisy Sheer      15mm Polka Dots     Tiny Hands & Tiny Feet     "Cute as a Button" (coming soon)

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