Scrapbooking Birthday Party

Scrapbooking with Crafty Ribbons


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Nia, our grand daughter is taking a little "time out" at her 1st Birthday Party.  She decided to wander to the bottom of the garden for a breather to get away from the crowd!!

This scrapbook layout is very clean and fresh, and uses the delightful art of ribbon embroidery - not on fabric but on paper.

I printed the words in the same colour as chosen for the layouts, purple. Nia is not a pink girl!

The photo was mounted onto several different coloured papers, the last being white.  Using ribbon stitch, embroider several flowers onto white paper, cut these into strips, sizing them to fit your page.  With pinking scissors cut the bottom of each stripe, you want these stripes to be all different lengths.  Add bows or other embleshiments if you wish.

With double sided tape, stick the two ribbons to the top of the page, so they slightly overlap.  Postion the photo and the paper strips onto the page, adjust size if need be, stick in place.

Finish the page with a simple daisy chain running along the bottom

Your scrapbook layout is ready to be enjoyed! 

This project used the following ribbons

10mm Sheer     5mm Gingham     39mm Sheer Daisy     10mm Rainbow Stripe    Daisy Chain