Crafty Ribbons Project GOAL! Card

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Want something a little bit different for your football crazy boys?  Then this GOAL! Card could be the answer!!

Place double sided tape to the wrong side of the 40mm Football Ribbon, remove the backing paper and stick the ribbon onto some thin card.  Cut the football out with a pair of scissors, cut out the part footballs as well.

Cut a square of green card about 5mm smaller than the white base card you are going to use.  From a darker shade of green card or paper tear a strip and stick in the centre of the green square.  Stick some narrow double sided tape (no wider than 10mm) across the centre of the torn strip.  Lay the 10mm black ribbon with printed GOAL! onto the tape and secure in place.  Tuck the ribbon raw ends to the back.

Place 3d foam pads to the back of the footballs,  stick them around the card.  Tuck the part footballs under the torn paper or match the straight edge with that of the card.  Stick a few ants to the bottom of the card.  Stick the green card to the base white card.

Your GOAL! card is ready to be enjoyed!