Lime Parcel Ribbon Card

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This is a really fun card, with the zestie lime and shocking pink that are the "in" colours of summer.  Send as a thank you card for a BBQ, or a summer Birthday.

Choose a card that will compliment the the Lime Ribbon Pack, we used a vivid lime.  Remove the wire from the 39mm sheer flower ribbon, it just pulls out.  Lay the ribbon along the bottom of the card and stick in place, we used spray glue.  Fold the ends onto the reverse and secure with some tape. 

Cut out 3 pieces of card in shocking pink for the parcels.  Wrap a piece of ribbon around each parcel and secure on the reverse with tape.  Stick foam pads on to the back of the parcels.  Remove the backings from the foam pads and stick parcels in place along the card.

Tie 3 bows with the same ribbon as you wrapped the parcels in, stick a bow on the top of each parcel.  Trim bow tails with a sharp pair of scissors.

Your card is ready to be enjoyed!