Lemon Ribbon Card

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Choose a card that will compliment the the Lemon Ribbon Pack, we used a pale lemon.  Lay the 23mm ombre sheer ribbon down the centre of the card and secure with some tape on the reverse.  

Cut out a square of card from the same card stock as the card approx 6cm square.  Stick double sided tape to the wrong side around the edges.  Cut lengths of ribbons and wrap over the card, use picture as a guide.  Ensure that ribbons have stuck to the reverse side of the card.  Stick several foam pads to the back of the card.

Cut out another square from a slightly darker shade of lemon approx 7cm square.

Remove foam pads from ribbon square and position on top of larger square.  Secure in place.

Cut a section of the topiary ribbon and glue to a piece of white card, we used spray glue.  Use a flower punch to make the hanging daisy.  Remove the white cord from the edge of the 39mm sheer ombre ribbon, and thread through daisy to form a tag.  Stick the the tag to the wrong side of the larger square, so that it hangs from one corner.

Place several foam pads to the wrong side of the larger square and stick to the card.  Take time to position so that it forms a diamond.  The daisy should be hanging freely.

Your card is ready to be enjoyed!