Purple Happy Birthday Ribbon Card

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Choose a card that will compliment the 10mm Purple Happy Birthday ribbon, we used a pale lilac.  Lay the happy Birthday ribbon down the length of the card and secure with some tape on the reverse.  Repeat with a piece of ribbon to go across the card.

Using a tag punch or the template below cut out a tag from glitter card.  Stick several foam pads to the back of the tag.  Position tag at the cross over ribbons and secure in place.

Tie a bow in the Happy Birthday ribbon so that the left tail is longer than the right.  Either glue in place or use foam pads, stick the center bow knot first.  With the bow tails add an extra movement by not pulling the ribbon tight but allow a wave.  You may have to add extra foam pads to hold the wave in place.  Trim ribbon ends with a sharp pair of scissors.

We have used the Purple Happy Birthday ribbon for this project but there are 9 different colours in this range.  Why not try our mixed pack of happy Birthday colours

 Your card is ready to be enjoyed!


This card used the following ribbons

10mm Purple Happy Birthday Ribbon  Sharp Scissors

Tag template