Crafty Ribbons It's a Boy Card Project

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Choose a card to complement the blue of the baby pram ribbon.

Stick the blue pram ribbon onto a strip of card, we used spray glue.  Ensure that it is well stuck.  Cut out a square with the pram in the centre.  Cut two further squares from toning card slightly larger than each other and larger than the pram square.

Place double sided tape to the back of the centre square, around the square.  Remove backing paper and stick the white eyelash around the square, so the fibres "float out" from behind the square.

Cut 2 lengths of 15mm sheer ribbon and 2 lengths of It's a Boy ribbon.  Place the It's a Boy ribbon ontop of the sheer ribbon so that it sits in the centre of the ribbon, secure in place with some tape at one end.  Repeat with the other two ribbons.  Stick these ribbons behind the blue pram square so they form an upside down V.

Place foam pads behind all 3 squares,  Remove foam backings and stick the squares together, ensure that they are in the centre of each other.  Position onto the card and secure in place.

Trim the ribbon ends.

Your card is ready to be enjoyed!