Pink Happy Birthday Card

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Choose a card that will compliment the pink ribbons in the this pack.  Cut a darker shade of card to approx 145mm x 50mm.  Wrap ribbons around the card and tie knots to secure.  trim the ribbon ends.  Slide the ribbons so the sit evenly along the card, and move the knots about.  using several foam pads stick the ribbon card section to your main card, towards the fold.

Cut a piece of the sheer spec ribbon and the Birthday ribbon a little longer than the card.  Stick double sided tape to the lower part of the card and postion the white sheer spec ribbon.  Stick double sided tape along the centre of the spec ribbon and postion the Happy Birthday ribbon on top.  Once happy with the postion secure in place.  Trim away the excess spec and Birthday ribbon with a sharp pair of scissors, so the ribbons a flush with the edge of the card.

Your card is ready to be enjoyed!