Happy Birthday Card

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Fold a sheet of A4 of black card in half.  Cut black and white ribbons into lengths of 12cms and less.  Arrange in the centre of the card, moving them about until you are happy with the effect.

Stick double sided tape to the back of the ribbons one at a time.  Repostion the ribbons and secure in place with the double sided tape.

Cut two lengths of wide sheer ribbon, the width of the ribbons stuck on the card.  To fray the ends of the sheer ribbon, cut away a small section of the selvedge edge on each side of the cut edges.  Gently pull away the fibres from the edges at each ribbon end.  The fibres that remain will curl slightly.  Stick across the card with double sided tape.

Cut the Happy Birthday ribbon to fit the card, trim the ends to create "Dove Tails".  Stick over the sheer ribbon with double sided tape.

Your card is ready to be enjoyed!