Crafty Ribbons Sunset Delight

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Our Satin Rbbon Streamers are just perfect for this card.  While we were making the stock for this range, I kept saying "Sunset" to the girls.  I think they had decided I had flipped!!  No, all I kept seeing as we cut and fold the ribbons were Sunsets - just like this card!!

Take an oblong length of card and cover with double sided tape and remove tape backing.  You need several shades of satin ribbon in different widths.  Lay the lightest shade at the base of the card, press firmly to secure.  Repeat with the other ribbon lengths, gradually getting darker in colour.

Turn ribbon card over and secure the ribbon ends with tape.  Stick lots of foam pads to the back of the ribbon card.  Remove the foam pads and stick onto your black card stock.

Cut out your silhouette Camels. Stick foam pads to back, we cut some to make thin pads for the legs.  Remove Backing and stick onto ribbon sunset so the feet are just remaining on the card.

Have a play with the colours for this project, we also get purple and red sunsets!!

Your Sunset Delight card is ready to be enjoyed!