Crafty Ribbons Flip Flop Project

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Want something a little bit different - just fancy a change?  Then these "Flippety Flops" could be the answer!!

Take a boring pair of flip flops and a selection of narrow colour co ordinating ribbons of dots, checks, plains - widths 5mm to 15mm.

Cut ribbons into lengths of about 15cms.

Tie a piece of ribbon around the thongs of the flip flop and knot in place, making sure it is tight.  Repeat with all the ribbons, pushing the knots tightly together.

Once the thongs are covered, give your ribbons a slight "hair cut" so the ends are roughly the same length and the ribbon ends are at an angle.

Your flippety flops are ready to be worn and enjoyed! 

This project used the following ribbons

10mm Gingham   15mm Polka Dots   15mm Micro Dots   3mm Satin   Ric Rac   Grosgrain

All ribbons can also be found in Black & White Collection