Crafty Ribbons Tree Bows Project

So I have made her a box of Tree Bows, all in colours to match her tree - hope she likes them.  Do you want to know how to make them?  It's another tutorial so lots of pic's, hope that is ok.
Get all the bits you need - ribbon, wire edge is best, scissors, pencil, clear nail varnish and our magic cord which can be found HERE.
Cut your ribbon into 50cm lengths and fold in half to mark the centre point.
Fold one end of the ribbon so that it overlaps the centre mark.
Repeat with the other side, it should start to look like a bow!
Thread the magic cord under the bow and tie the first stage of a knot.
Pull the magic cord tightly so that it scrunches the ribbon up in the centre and tie a knot.
Now the "magic" bit - wrap the magic cord around a pencil.  Because there is a wire running through the centre of the magic cord, when you remove the pencil the magic cord with remain in the swirls - MAGIC!! Trim the magic cord with a pair of scissors, it will fray so seal the ends with clear nail varnish or PVA glue.
Fold the ends of ribbons together and cut at an angle to create "dove tails".  Repeat for the other ribbon end.
Play with the bow slightly to give it some shape.
They are called Tree Bows but they do look really good on parcels!