Crafty Ribbons Ribbon Rosette


Ribbon Rosettes, just perfect for joining in with the World Cup celebrations.  We have even put together a special collection of World Cup Ribbons - Click HERE.  Buy the WANT IT ALL Collection and you save a whopping £2.00 - go on go Football Crazy!

Ribbon Rosettes

1.  Gather all the bits you need.  Needle and thread, scissors, ruler and 10mm satin ribbon (you can find the red/white/blue ones HERE).

2.  Cut 6 pieces of ribbon 15cm long.  Fold each piece in half and press with thumb and finger to create a score line.  You just need to know where the centre is.

3.  Lay two pieces onto a table, a marked cutting mat helps to keep your ribbons square.

4.  Lay all 6 ribbon pieces out to create a circle, with the centre marks on top of each other.

5.  Thread the needle (I am using red thread so you can see my stitching!), pierce the centre of the rosette with the needle.

6.  Carefully pick up the rosette (apologies for the state of my thumb again, it is getting better), and push the needle through to the reverse.  Make a few stitches, going all the way through to secure the ribbons together.

7.  Fold one petal towards the centre, hold in place with your thumb, bring the needle through from the back and make a stitch.  Push the needle back through to the reverse of the rosette.

8.  Continue with step 7, stitching one petal to the centre at a time.

9.  Keep going.

10.  Fold over the last petal and sew in place.


11.  Secure on the back with a few extra stitches.


Finished ribbon Rosette.

I sewed a football button into the centre of each rosette, well it was a World Cup themed card!