Happy Fathers Day Card

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This card is a little bit different, we are sure every dad would be delighted to receive this card!

Fold a sheet of A4 of card (colour to match your bank note) in half, trim to a size approx 14.5cm square.

The larger bank notes are easier to fold!

Fold in half length ways and crease for the centre line, open out flat.  Fold up about a third and crease, open flat again.

Fold both edges to centre.

On the folded end fold out the two corners to make sleeves.  Keep the folds tight onto the corners.

Fold back about 7mm at the opposite end to the sleeves.

Fold the corners back in to make a collar.

Fold the top of the sleeves end up and tuck under the end collars.

Press flat to form a crease.

Stick the shirt onto the card with a low tack glue or something like blue tack so that it can be removed without damage!

Run double sided tape below the shirt, where you wish to place the ribbon.  Remove tape backing and position the Happy Fathers Day ribbon in place. Either cut the ribbon ends with a sharp pair of scissors or tuck ends around card.  

Your card is ready to be enjoyed or spent! 

If you would like to send us one - we think the £50 note looks really good as a shirt!!