Crafty Ribbons


Eyelash Gold

Eyelash Copper

Eyelash Aqua/White

Eyelash Blue/White

Eyelash Lime

Eyelash Jade

Eyelash Liberty

Eyelash Lupin

Eyelash Black

Eyelash Forest

Eyelash Christmas

Eyelash Lemon/White

Eyelash Red

Eyelash Magenta

Eyelash Turquoise

Eyelash Gold/Black

Eyelash Forest/Silver

Eyelash Electric/Pink

Eyelash Black Multi

Eyelash White Multi

Please note : Colours shown on the website are for guidance only and may vary from actual fabrics. Ribbons from different sources may have slightly different colouring despite sharing the same colour name. Please contact us before ordering if you have a query about colours